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[Advice on Lens] Sigma 18-300mm or other?

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  • [Advice on Lens] Sigma 18-300mm or other?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using my Canon kit lenses successfully for the past few years. My body is a Canon EOS1100d, and the two lenses are Canon 18-55 and 75-300. I've had absolutely no performance issues whatsoever, but I feel as though it's time to upgrade.

    I don't enjoy having to swap lenses in different situations, and losing the gap between 55 and 75mm. I've been researching a couple of lenses that can get a full range of 18-300mm or similar, and Sigma's 18-300 seems like a decent option.

    Has anyone used the Sigma 18-300 for Canon and can tell me their experience with using it? Would also love to hear any alternative suggestions for Canon within a similar focal range. 18-300 is exactly what I'm aiming for!


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    With any superzoom you will trade quality for convenience. I use superzooms (Nikon though) for travel and when the size of the camera bag is limited at events. They are very convenient and under good light work decently well, but you need to be much more careful with your settings (shooting wide open is not a preferred option) and your post processing becomes more time consuming, as you will have fix distortion, vignetting and be more careful with sharpening as the sharpness changes over the zoom range and what works at 100mm might be awfully soft at 300m.
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      Like seahawk states with superzoom lenses you will find the quality may be down a bit however I have just bought the Canon 80D and the same lens you are looking at and honestly I have no complaints it is so versatile with that zoom range and the photo quality is great I too hate having to change lenses hence why I bought this lens


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        Any zoom is less than the fixed lens. Zoom is a compromise between practicality and quality.
        Okay, a fellow spotter of mine uses that lens for several years on a nikon and is on average satisfied.
        Excuse my bad English.


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          Thank you for the replies! Will definitely take it all into consideration, so I very much appreciate it!



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            I used the Tamron 18-400 for a year which seems to be the best of the superzoom lenses, got 100 or so shots onto Jetphotos with this lens.