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Thank you to the screeners for fast queues!

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    Originally posted by Pavel B View Post

    Oh. Sorry for my English.
    I appreciate the work of the screeners.
    I guess I did not put it correctly. I apologize.
    I mean.
    Is it possible to increase the staff of screeners?
    Maybe there are willing.
    I could do this, so as a computer with me 20 hours a day.
    But I'm not sure about my experience. For example.
    Maybe there are more experienced guys who want to become screeners.
    I'm about it. Is it possible?
    They've recently recruited new screeners. At the top of the forum is a sticky topic


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      Originally posted by pawelm View Post
      Once again, hats off to the screening team for the massive queue reduction in past two days!
      Indeed, however, as always happens when the screeners are going through a lot of photos in the one day, the amount of uploads per day increases as well. 3826 added to the queue yesterday, over 1000 more per day than the last week.


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        But one of biggest reducings I've seen since I am member here. Reducing the queue with around 7500 photos in a couple of days . Outstanding job to the screening team ​​​​​​.


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          Yes, a big well done from me too. Tremendous effort from all.
          Best regards,

          Saving the World, One Screened Image at a time...


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            Thank you to all the screeners for giving their time to do this massive reduction!!! It is very much appreciated!!!