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Why was this shot rejected so quickly

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    Yes, you could up-load a 4:2.775 shot


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      I always check when my shot is not about a common plane (livery or type), if it is in the database. If it is a new register, to use the tools made available by JP (eg dust, center, histogram, etc.), I use a very simple system: I use any existing register so that it does not go into a hot queue. So, I can make checks and make corrections. Only after doing this, I load the new shot with an exact register (obviously I have eliminated the one for testing). I hope this is useful for you and I apologize for my bad English. Regards.


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        Originally posted by bleuair View Post
        Congrats. I see the first was rejected due Cropping / Photo edges / Size Ratio. The image was 1280x690.

        In the first instance I was like, oh, of course, that's not 16:9 ratio. (as I can't see any cropping issues). It is 16:8.625.

        The new accepted one is 1280x783 which is just as "unusual". 16:9.7875 or 3:1.8352 or 4:2.4469

        Then I checked the upload page and it does not specify any longer a size ratio requirement. Only the guidelines 1.3 say

        So I wonder if I missed something on the aspect ratio.
        A) why does fit into this requirement? and
        B) could I technically upload a shot 4:2.775 (which is "between 4:3 and 3:2" i.e. 1280x888) ((but not below 4:2.666 which equals 3:2))

        Screener's advice highly appreciated!

        PS; I'm aware that the thread started on a different topic, but the guidelines, as our Canadian guy already copy-pasted, are quite clear in this respect. The hot photo delay request has been discussed here already.
        I actually got an explanation from one of the screeners that it was cropped too tight at the nose/tail, which is why the recropping worked. It had nothing to do with aspect ratio. I'm well over this, again I was voicing a displeasure in the manner which would get the most traction for investigation in my line of work, nothing else.

        Also I've been following General Submission Guidelines point 2 on the uploads page:

        2. The long edge of a photo must be at least 1024 pixels, while the short edge must be at least 576 pixels. Images that are overcropped (very narrow) will be rejected. Currently your maximum approved upload size is 1280 pixels wide.

        I do aim to be between 4:3 and 16:9... since moving to Lightroom and PS CC that's become a bit easier, but if center is off when I upload I do recrop the jpg a little which will move it off the original crop from LR (16:9 normally). I've seen many pics in the DB like this so didn't think anything of it.

        And mahagonny, yes I've figured things like that out now... mostly I was just not aware that any "auto-hot" function existed when I posted this thread as there was no explanation as I assumed that something needed to be entered in the "hot" box to trigger that priority, and that is all I was going to say about it. And now that I've wasted weeks of uploads on a different "hot new type for registration" shot that I shouldn't of (again some lessons needed to be learned), I'm back to submitting only normal priority shots for the medium term. And no apologies necessary for your English at all


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          Originally posted by northstardc4m View Post
          I do aim to be between 4:3 and 16:9...
          That's fine though guidelines say "between 4:3 and 3:2, or 16:9" so its not the same range as you mentioned. I

          I was looking for a screener's explanation on A) and B) (see above) and got only one on B).

          The aspect ratio you chose for the uploaded image is below 3:2 but not 16:9 so I wondered how this is was possible.

          I appreciate the critics that I'm drifting off your initial issue, scusi.