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  • Foreground Clutter Query

    Hello all,

    Would the cargo loader at the front of the aircraft result in a rejection for foreground clutter, or is it acceptable?

    Thank you,

    Click image for larger version

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    Unfortunatly Yes.
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      It is such a nice and atmospheric pic ,the obstruction is minor and the loader adds imo something to the Scene.


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        Originally posted by ErwinS View Post
        Unfortunatly Yes.
        No problems, thank you for answering!


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          i would agree with comet it adds something to the picture. great photo meeshboi i really like it


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            I agree with Comet and Jake. The obstruction consists of nothing more than a thin horizontal handrail. If it had been a large part of the loader then it would be another matter. Still, rules are rules I suppose !
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              Probably we will never find out what the screeners would have decided. But I do hope that there is a little flexibiliy in the screening process to get such a good pic accepted. It would be very sad if it would be rejected only to follow strictly the rules.


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                If you want a screener to give you a head-sup on this, post this query in the Digital photo processing forum here:


                Create a new post, and title it with your name and 'pre-screening' in the title - Dana responds promptly in that forum.


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                  Question : " it acceptable ?"
                  Answer : "Unfortunately yes ?"

                  Conclusion : regretfully acceptable....


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                    Y’all kill me with all your rules and attitudes.

                    There is this art aspect to photos, but you seem to frequently miss the boat.

                    Personally, I don’t like the pic...there’s an airplane and a loader fighting for my attention.

                    I think I would go to, and see it you could somehow get the loader as the subject and maybe the plane as an out of focused, but hopefully meaningful, but not distracting background. Probably crop out most of the plane so it STILL tells the story, but doesn’t complete for being THE focus of attention.

                    Really, it needs to be a new shot from the ramp.

                    Of course they probably just want the loader cropped to the hilt with near zero background and some anal rules about lighting, dust spots and histogram adjustments...
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