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  • A bit of help from the community?

    Kia Ora All

    Recently I have started to work on a guide for new aircraft spotters going through aircraft types and other things (Registrations and how to upload to JP!), but in doing this I have run into a little problem. As I normal spot at a Airport with only Q300s and ATRs I haven't been able to get any heavies, 747 A380s etc. So I was wondering if the nice people of the community would help me publish this free resources to help gain new people to the community.

    If you are able to help out with photos feel free to reply and ill give you a message!

    n.b I want this to be a free guide to help new spotters so if you can help out please be aware that I am not giveing out any monies aswell!

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    Probably because of my bad English, I don't really understand what you need.


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      Yes of course seems a great project.

      I spot at an airport with some heavies, not the 380 but we have 747, 777, 350, 330...



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        I dont understand with WHAT we should help.
        Eugen P. MUCspotting


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          Originally posted by Eugen P. View Post
          I dont understand with WHAT we should help.
          Mainly photos for Airbus and Boeing product I would get these myself but I am only based at a airport with Q300s and ATRS


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            For which airport is the guide?