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Spotting at BKK?

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  • Spotting at BKK?

    I'm going to Bangkok on 19th of December and be there for few days and thought that I might use day or two spotting and photographing at BKK.

    Has anyone been there or otherwise know good spots etc.?
    And how is security, how they react to spotters?

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    Contact people that take shots there (jetphotos and I've heard of people getting stopped and questioned but others having no problems.

    Are you taking the ramp tour?


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      Originally posted by hkgspotter1
      Are you taking the ramp tour?
      There is a ramp tour at Bangkok? hmm...I have to look into it...I heard it first time now


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        I was there in august last year. I spotted from the viewing area in the terminal (landside). After about 10 minutes I was told by a very kind policeman, that I could NOT use my camera or my scope!! I have seen many pictures and reports from Bangkok, so I think i depent on the mood of the police the day you are there.
        Soren Madsen

        Spotting guide to CPH


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          Well, now I have spent a day spotting there but only found the observation deck at Intl Terminal 1. It was decent but shooting trough not-so-clean windows wasn't too nice.
          I will be spending whole day this saturday there before my flight leaves, so has anyone been better spots than obs deck?