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  • Minolta Dimage Z1

    Hey folks,

    I am in the process of getting a new camera with a better zoom and a few upgrades to what I already have. I would love to have an SLR camera but I cannot afford one.

    I have found the Minolta Dimage Z1 has the features (10X zoom) and price range for me (under $400) - Was wondering if anyone else here had one and what their thoughts were? I have read other users comments and it seems to be a good camera, but this hobby requires action shots which are a little different from the family huddled at the christmas tree.


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    I saw that too. I was looking at it as a cheap alternative to a Sony F717. Until I hear more about the Dimage I'm sticking with the F717.

    Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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      In the same price bracket you should also look at the Fuji S5000 and the Olympus C-730UZ. Both also have 10X optical zoom and are 3MP cameras.


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        Well I ended up getting the Fuji S5000 and love it...of course I am still learning to use it so it may be awhile b4 I have anything worthwhile to post...but the zoom on that thing is excellent...


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          I'm a big fan of fuji digital cameras. I have a finepix 2800z, its a great camera. Looking to upgrade though, I'm kinda looking at the Minolta A1, that looks pretty sweet. Either way I wont be getting one for a while, not enough money.