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    Hey Is OK!

    We are humans, humans make mistakes, Yes some of you guys lost many many pictures but , everythin that happens-happens for a reason. )

    No reason to get mad,


    Andres Duque
    (got Boeing?)


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      What are the odds that the photos will be recovered? I lost 20 the first time, and 50 this time. I don't necissary have the time to upload all the shots again, I'm a full time student, and I also work full time. Somewhere in there I fit spotting and football training.

      I don't even know which shots I lost, and I doubt that I will go through, my albums, and cd's full of my photos trying to find the shots that I lost.

      I just ask that it be backed up, sure mistakes happen, but I thought that the backup was supposed to take place as to prevent this again.

      Mark McWhirter


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        I'm sorry to say that the only way to recover your photos would be if you happen to have a list of Photo IDs matched with the photo's original filename, which amazingly, one photographer did.

        If you have that, we can recover your photos.
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          For those who are wary of uploading again, and I know there are a few of you out there, I'd just like to post this screenshot as concrete proof that our database backup script is functioning properly, and has been set to backup the database every hour, so in any future events such as this, the most data that would be lost would be an hour's worth.

          This is an image of the backup made about 5 minutes ago.

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            I was new to the site when the server crash happened and as it happened everything I had in the database was lost that time. Then when the files were overwritten I lost another bunch of photos. Am I angry about it? No, because those photos weren't really "lost." I still have them all here on my harddrive and backed up to a couple of sets of CD's as well. The only thing that I really lost was my time spent uploading and my view count. Since this is a hobby for me I don't mind spending some extra time at it when things go awry.

            People should remember that this is still a relatively new site and there are bound to be some teething problems. The good side is that Chris and the staff seem to be resonsive to problems and making positive efforts to fix any weaknesses that come up. I find that attitude a lot more positive than what happens with some other sites.

            The server crash convinced me to set up a small database of my own for all the photos that I had uploaded. When I needed to restore my photos this time around I was able to simply cut and paste from the data blocks and comments in my own database. That saved me a lot of time and typing this time around and I reccommend it for anyone concerned about having to restore photos to the database after a loss. It was so easy that in the future I plan to add new photos to my personal database first and then use C&P during every upload to the site database.

            My only suggestion to the staff here would be to initiate a policy of making a manual backup before every change of system software is installed.


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              OK, time to share my feelings again.

              First of all, I started uploading to this site a few months back, not only because of the sometimes questionable rejections on, but also, because I really like this site with the lean and clean user interface and the superb features (for example the whole member feature with the queue listing). It attracted many well known and good, respected photogs.
              So, a big to the crew!

              The first crash hit me with about 13 pics. I also have my own website (look on the footer). From there I link to the pics on different picture databases. So, if I have to re-upload pics, I also have to change all the informations on my site, which means even more work for me and for others doing the same.

              This time I lost 52 pics. Imagine all the work for absolutely nothing, wasted time. I think it's understandable, that I really got p.... off, just as others here I assume.

              Nevertheless, after a while I decided to reupload again. Why? Well, it still is a great site with good features, good photogs and so on. I only hope, this site will be stable in the future.

              Dear aviation buffs (as I am): Re-upload again! Give this site a third chance! Hell, I would probably even give a fourth chance (not meant as invitation for the next crash ). It's worth having more than one or two big aviation sites.

              Oh, BTW, if I had known, that all you need is a matching table with pic-ID and filename, it would have saved me lots of time But that's life, I guess .....

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                Try Try Again


                Well this second crash came as a shock. I will stay the most loyal support of this site. While many people have told me that some shots would be accpetable at, I have refused, and will refuse to upload any photos to This site is new, and has brought about encouragement to me to go spotting, and work hard and getting new shots. I cannot thanks Chris and his staff enough for this fourm, it really has brought about an excitment to me in our hobby.

                I have uploaded all of my shots and will continue to upload shots here. Again I ask all users to hang in there, remember why we love this site, and bare with Chris. Lets help make this site Number 1, don't give up - again we all came here once for a reason, keep on comming!

                Chris, I see your post about the backup every hour, that's great! I ask though, how about a full manual backup before these new features are loaded? It just would allow things to not get so out of hand...

                Thanks Chris and fellow Jetphotos users!
                Ryan Spencer Morgheim
                The Arctic Adventure

                ...The Arctic Adventure


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                  As far as positive things, Kilroy re-wrote the script so it wont resize vertical shots so excessively and wont compress them as much...thank god.
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                    Frustrated : yes

                    stop uploading : no

                    It happens. And as someone pointed out, those photos aren't really lost, they are still on your harddrives, CD-ROMs etc. I can't remember what I uploaded. So what. Upload something new.



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                      As my old boss used to say... "In this business, Sierra happens."

                      I just re-upped most of my last week's contributions, and would have no compunctions about doing so again - this place has interesting folks and excellent photography, all I want in an aviation website.

                      Long may you guys continue!

                      All the best,



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                        Dang, the photo that was mistaken as my photo is up again!



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                          are you still having problems?? I uploaded a batch of photos last night and I am missing at least 2 pics (two of my favorites). they weren't rejected, but they werent posted either.. one is an Atlas Air B744 taken around dawn, and the other is a C185 from K2 aviation. where are they?? photos I submitted before/after them were posted or rejected, but these 2 arent in the d-base.. I just checked my management section and the ID# for them says that the photos do not exist in the database. what happened?????????

                          looks to me like there are more probs than just a backup issue

                          please find them -

                          #1 id#38263, filename PANC GTI B744F.jpg
                          #2 id#38417, filename Z41 K2 Avn C185F.jpg


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                            Well i speak for a friend actually.....He uploaded a ton of pics twice....i will not say his name but if you have been looking at pics you will know who i am talking about.....I think he was up or 100 that were lost that i know what goes into just putting one pic on..... WoW that was a lot of time

                            Hope this doesn't happen again....


                            P.S. keep up the great work, i love the site!


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                              I always save all of the submission status emails I receive and when I saw this

                              I'm sorry to say that the only way to recover your photos would be if you happen to have a list of Photo IDs matched with the photo's original filename. . . Chris
                              I thought 'great, I can get my photos reinstated with views counts and won't have to re-upload each photo.'

                              Unfortunately, when I checked the emails I found that they only provided the Photo IDs that I had uploaded (A.Net's status emails provide only the original file name)

                              It would be nice if the submission status emails could provide BOTH the original file name and a Photo ID link. Not just as a just as a precaution against possible future losses such as those which have occurred recently but to enable photographers to better track the shots they have uploaded.

                              My first upload was just before the first crash and the second bomb only got 15 of mine, so while I was somewhat frustrated, I really did not have that much time invested and am slowly re-uploading the missing pics. I guess my main disappointment was in losing the 3,500 or so views counts that had accumulated before the second failure.

                              This is still a great site!

                              Nick Sharp


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                                I did as you recommended and sent an e mail on 4 March to your address with 30 photo IDs and matched file names. As yet no response.
                                Did you get it or is it too soon to expect you to sort it with all the other problems?
                                Should I start reuploading?

                                Great site, keep up the good work.

                                Ian Crean

                                Originally posted by Chris Kilroy

                                I'm sorry to say that the only way to recover your photos would be if you happen to have a list of Photo IDs matched with the photo's original filename, which amazingly, one photographer did.

                                If you have that, we can recover your photos.