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Love my new Sigma 50-500!!

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  • Love my new Sigma 50-500!!

    G'day Guys
    Its my first post here so hi to you all.
    I just picked up my new Sigma 50-500 and after my first day out it seems like a ripper lens.
    I have popped a link in at the bottom for a full focal length shot i took of a United 744.
    Pretty happy i am!!
    Even though its only my first day out and i had no idea what i was doing the results are so far so good.
    The zoom action is the smoothest i have used and very controllable the entire way from 50-500 or 80-800 in the case of the 10D.
    From my first morning of shooting i got some pretty nice shots and they require very little USM in PS7 to get a very sharp result.
    The monopod i am usung is a little flimsy so i am still getting some shake at long focal lengths so i might be up now for a new monopod by moforodo with a joystick grip.
    The AF is as fast as my Canon lenses although i am not using any L glass but it is nevertheless quick indeed.
    Great lens great price and so far great performance.
    If you are in the market for a mega zoom and can't afford the top glass then this one looks like it stands up to its solid reputation for build and sharpness.
    Take it easy

    If that doesn't work try this

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    *drooool* I want one. How much did that run you if you dont mind me asking.


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      work it baby!

      next trips
      USA/DXB August.


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        G'day Screamer!!
        Cost me 2100 Oz dollars as part of a package involving the 10D.
        You can find it for a fair bit cheaper than that in the States.
        I didn't want to mess with the states as there have been all sorts of rumours as fact etc about compatability problems between the Sigma and the Canon AF system.
        So if i had a drama its a lot easier just to take it back to the purchase point.
        It also came with the 2 times converter which is quite neat although takes the lens back to manual focus.
        Between 800 and 1100 in the states.
        Great value.
        All the best


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          Very nice shot, Darren. Thanks for sharing.

          It also came with the 2 times converter which is quite neat although takes the lens back to manual focus.
          Is that the Sigma 2x EX converter? Have you already tried it out? If yes, do you have some samples in the database?



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            Welcome to the forum!

            As I plan to get a new lens for my D60 this post could be helpful to me.
            I considered getting the 50-500.

            What ISO setting did you use for this shot? How about the shutter speed @ 500 (800) mm?



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              G'day philip
              As i said i had no idea where to start so this shot was taken at ISO 200 and full 500mm which equates to 790mm using my Eos 10D.
              The shutter was locked at 1/500th and the F stop 9.5 shooting down sun.
              Renato over at gets great results shooting at 1/250th at around the 300-400mm mark using f11 and a monopod.
              I will be experimenting the next few weeks to get a feel for this monster which will probably take some taming i'd imagine.
              Buti must sy i am most impressed by both the feel of the lens,the speed of the af and the sharpness of the photo's.
              These images are taken in jpg not raw which makes an even bigger difference.
              All the best


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                EXCELLENT picture Darren........with the 10D that must give you around 75 - 750 ? WOW, and I thought my Canon 100-400 was good !!!


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                  G'day Don
                  I wouldn't mind the 100-400IS myself but its twice the price of the Sigma in Australia.
                  I think you would find you will get a much lower wastage rate than me through shake etc.
                  I'll give this a run for a year or so and if it doesn't work IS here i come.
                  Must be great to be able to shoot long in low light!!
                  What body are you using it on?
                  It would be pretty cool to have a 600mm IS lens on the 10D!!
                  Take care


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                    Very nice Darren!

                    BTW, I could have waved from this shot:

                    (Same Darren from AAV?)


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                      Is there any other Darren Howie?


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                        Those shots are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
                        Check out my photos at!


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                          Thanks for the info Darren - and great shots!

                          I think IŽll go for it as I canŽt afford the 100-400L IS at the moment.
                          Sigmas new 80-400 would be possible too but I think there is a problem with the Stabilizer so its not available at the moment.

                          btw, I assume that you use the HSM version right?


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                            Sorry I haven't got back to you Darren.......the forums sometimes slip my mind *LOL*

                            The lens is attached to a 10D, but since getting both fairly recently the only photos I have taken have been those of Concorde on the so-called "final day"

                            Prior to this I used a D30 (still have it as a back up) with a Canon 75-300.

                            And prior to that, a fully manual Pentax MX (Love it - still got it for sentimental reasons !) and a Pentax Takumar 50, plus Vivitar 80 - 200.


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                              Good to see someone has the Sigma 50-500mm. Joe, you can get it for $800-900. A really nice lense for a really affordable price.