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    Nice hat !!

    My photos on Flickr


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      Nope, the other one. But I am a few Kilos lighter now too.


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        Awww great ... now i'll have to buy him an even bigger hat >)

        He's pretty much tarmac lice now isn't he?

        No makeovers please .....


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          Originally posted by Glenn
          Nope, the other one. But I am a few Kilos lighter now too.

          Hah! I was at Temora that day with the video camera - every other minute of ground level footage features some bloke in a yellow vest shooting pics - didn't realise until now that was you Glenn .


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            Extremely sorry about that. I try to alternate my position but the palcement of the aircraft that day co-inciding with the position I wanted to be in to get the landings made it hard. Normally I am out of normal photography locations

            Are you going back this weekend. The Hudson is due in.


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              No apology needed Glenn, I edited you out later

              The aircraft were badly parked that day anyway - one in particular ruined any chance of filming the approach and landings from the crowd line.

              Can't get there this weekend - shame they didn't mention the Hudson in their press advertising. I'll watch the flypast in Canberra instead.


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                Flypast in Canberra


                When you see the dark green Tiger Moth. Think of me. I knocked back a seat in that so I could go and shoot the Hudson, and the V8 Commodore racing the cessna A-37 dragonfly. Which has now been downgraded to Tom Moons Extra. Actually downgrade is a bad word to use there but you know what I mean. Will however open up to a better possible shot now but got to arrange it first.


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                  Glenn ... I think i'll upload the photo i have of you from LHR, the one with you looking like a lobster


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                    Me! Me! Pick me! I've got one too...

                    Glenn, once again, appears as if by magic in the back of someone's photo. (actually, to be correct, I planned this one...). Glenn and someone else getting shot up by the Temora Spitfire at the Scone airshow, Oct 2003