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Opinions: Sigma 50-500 or Canon 100-400L

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    Originally posted by DamienB
    I offered the samples to help, not to get involved in an argument ...
    I just wanted to see the exif with each picture that's all. No need to get you panties in a wad over it. There are just a few things based on the images in your original post that don't seem right, and I just wanted to compare the images to the exif to confirm what I thought.

    But, for some reason, you won't so, no biggie.



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      atco I assume when someone says blur they mean from camera shake so apologies for that but the image I offered was no more 'blurred' than the one you have so I really didn't understand the point you were making.

      I'm surprised your example is at f/8 (mine are at f/6.3), if I got shots that soft at that aperture I'd delete them and assume it was the 10D misfocusing as it occasionally does. However it's been rescued nicely with sharpening and resizing so for purposes it's clearly still a keeper.
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