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  • Spotters Dream---Air Force 1

    I have aparantly lost my bid to be the first at JP to get a pic of AF1 in Orlando. (BTW, great shots Steve Kurtz). Where on the property did you shoot those from Steve? I'm assuming you work there and had a good vanatage point?

    Also....are spotters choices generally limited even more than usual when AF1 is at the local airport? I have a permit from the MCO aviation authority to shoot from the 9th floor of the parking garage, but Im sure that's off limits when the blue bird is in town.

    Should I even try asking the aviation authority when AF1 is in town, or will they just kick me out?

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    Honestly I think it would be better to at least ask. Its better to let them know that you're gonna be there, than to have any kind of a situation develop where you're forced to go talk to them, rather than doing it on your own free will.


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      Sam, what aviation authority are you going to talk to? I have tried in the past, and find that they will acknowledge the President's arrival, but will only give you an approximate "window" on the time. Usually around a three to four hour window at that.

      I just keep an ear to the local news for the arrival time. If you get close enough, you will be checked out by the Secret Service or police dept. anyway.