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  • Buying a camera off eBay?

    Inside CheckSix's post about the F717, somebody brought up how they got ripped off buy an eBay user who never recieved the camera they purchased. I just heard of a quick tip of how not too get ripped off when purchasing a camera on eBay.

    1. Contact the seller beforehand and ask for a photo of the serial number on the box of the camera. If they refuse to send it to you, they are likely trying to scam you. If the seller Emails you just a number and no picture, you can call the respective camera maker and ask them to verify the serial number for you.

    2. If you loose an auction and the seller later Emails you saying that the person who won the auction no longer wants the item and if offering the item to you off eBay, refuse. Do not buy the item directly from the seller, and not via eBay. There is a high risk of scam involved in this meathod.

    3. Try too aviod auctions that do not accept PayPal, Escrow, Credit Card, Bid Pay, etc. These meathods are a way of protecting the buyer and the seller, and if you do not recieve your item, these companys will be able to recover some of what you paid for if the item does not arrive as described.

    4. Try to aviod auctions that show stock photos and descriptions of items that have obviously been taken straight from the company's website. Always ask for a picture of the actual item that you are considering purchasing.

    These steps will allow you to be a safe eBayer and will prevent you from being scamed on eBay and ensuring that you will recieve a quality camera.

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    best ones to buy from are ppl who sell bulk amounts, it's more like a shop for them! check the ebay feedback and if they have huge amounts of positive then i would be happy to use them.

    i buy my CF cards from ebay, no worries and always from the same seller!

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    USA/DXB August.


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      Yeah, the ones who own shops are more likely to give you trouble believe it or not. Because they process tons of orders a day it is more linkely that they will screw your order up. Plus around the holidays they are busy as hell. Just my opinion.