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  • Rejected photos

    Hi! i've uploaded some photos to and some were rejected.... i would like to know the opinion of the "simple viewers", because i don't agree whit the reason for rejection.

    (Sory for the english )

    Joćo R.
    "Fly To The Azores Islands"

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    the first one you should have tried to get more of the plane in or atleast on a better angle.

    2nd is pretty obvious, part of the tail is cutoff!

    3rd, well who rejected this is a bit harsh, the spinefx has no real impact on the photo IMHO. i like this pic the most of the 3.

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      Well i'm not screener but here are my views...

      1. Crop down on the plane a bit more. The aircraft is "bottom centered" Meaning there is a lot of dead space on the top of the photo.

      2. As longreach said, the end of the tail is chopped off, if you cropped that photo try not to crop onto any of the aircraft or you will recieve the Part of subject cut off/missing rejection every time.

      3. Whatever is out of focus in the foregroudn of the photo is very distracting, it loose like a hay like substance to me, but next time try shooting over it to avoid getting it in your photo!

      Other than that the picture quality is there!


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        Thanks for the comments! About the 3rd as been acepted on, which i think as bigger(?) standarts....

        Joćo R.
        "Fly To The Azores Islands"


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          Let's just say they have 'Different' Standards....