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Imperial Hill @ LAX

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  • Imperial Hill @ LAX

    Just wondering.. what's the status of Imperial Hill spotting at LAX with the heightened terror alert, and the 'specific threats' against airliners flying in and out of LAX?
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    Not sure, but I think any spot (such as there or Mt. Mitchell (JFK), that park outside of LGA, etc) would let you get away easy for being caught over these next few days... will be tight.


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      Never had any problems before, doubt they care about the hill, as it isnt in LA City territory.



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        Yeah long as a certain dodgy Iranian doesnt keep walking around up there looking shifty


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          Well I would like to start off by saying hello to everyone as this is my first post here...As for Imperial Hill, I've been there 3 times this past week to take pictures. The LAPD did stop to check out my tranceiver and ask me why I use it, but after that I had no trouble at all.
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