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made it to 500 photos

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  • made it to 500 photos

    quite an achievment for me to get 500 photo's up. I've been enjoying this hobby for near on 17 years and i would'nt change it for anything.

    thanks to all for viewing and thanks to the screeners for allowing me to show my photos, i know they are pretty boring, but Perth is a boring place and no friend to the photographer in summer!

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.

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    Congrats Longreach

    Whilst I have been screening here, I have steadily seen your photos improve to a really excellent quality. Well done and looking forward to the next 500.............and more



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      Congratulations Longreach.

      Indeed, why should 17 years ever be enough. Longevity adds good perspective in this hobby doesn't it ??

      Its funny to remember there was a time many of us pursued this hobby in one form or another in total solitude and anonymity... before the INTERNET...



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        Congratulations mate it's good to see the local talent showing the world their skills.

        That shot of VH-VOM taking off on oct 10th has got to be one of my all time favourite shots.

        Keep those shots of the Virgin babies coming for me!


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          thanks guys,
          tom i think when i first started the computer of choice was the Atari or Commodorre 64, the camera was Canon T70, boy have we come along way in a short time!

          glad you enjoy the photos Virgin Blue, i am not a fan of that shot, you might want to check the shot of VH-VBU i took the other day!

          i still have one of your photos for my desktop, really enjoy your photos alot, and to the screener who left me the message the other day, thankyou!

          next trips
          USA/DXB August.


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            Just checked out your pic of VH-VBU that is an awesome shot. I love that excellent background as well.