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Use of polarization filters??

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  • Use of polarization filters??

    Hi Guys
    Just wondering if many people here are using polarization filters and if so the benefits thereof.
    Merry Christmas all
    Darren Howie

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    Hi Darren
    i sent you an email via the photo contact with regards to the Sigma 50-500, how is it for you, results look sensational! i am thinking of either the 50-500 sigma or the 80-400 sigma with the image stabelizer! any info would be great.

    tokyo has them at 500$ less than in Australia which is a big help.

    anyone else had experience

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      I sent a reply to say that would be fine as long as i am in town.
      Send me an email at
      [email protected] and i'll get back to you.
      The 50-500 is very nice.
      Probably the only thing against it is the lack of stabilization which i would die(kill) for.
      You get some great results if you like that real long look(which i do!!) but the price is a pretty high wastage rate with camera shake in anything other than good light.
      Last i heard the sigma 400 OS was pulled because of stabiliser probs,any news on that?
      Take care and Merry Chrissie from a hot and sunny SYD.


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        the 80-400 is currently not available. It was withdrawn from the market due to problems with the OS module, not known when it will be back (probably 1st or 2nd quarter 2004).

        Watch out with cheaper overseas deals. Add import duties, shipping charges and local taxes and you're likely to end up paying the same if not more (buying things in Germany for EU citizens is an exception to this)!


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          I have one but I never use it. Doesn't make much of a difference in my pictures.


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            Thanks mate!!!


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              If I'm shooting after sunrise and before sunset, I use the circular polarizer. Mine's a Quantarray. I find it helps with contrast, especially in cutting thru the haze around big cities. Also helps with glare coming off shiny planes!
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