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Going to upload a lot in weeks to come. AutoFill Q help?

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  • Going to upload a lot in weeks to come. AutoFill Q help?

    Hi All

    After met up with a few screener and users and Chris Kilroy/Clovis during recent travels, I decide to give a go again beside only upload to I am very surprised came a long way since beginning of 2003! Well done guys!

    I like one screener from Spain which was very nice to me, he told me, look for something to accept in every photos, not to reject. I am very proud to write this message to come back and upload. Have a backlog of 2000 or so, hope I can continuously upload 10 per day or so.

    I also wondering how to use the autofill when uploads, the last uploads I have to type in location, A/C types etc which take a long time sometimes for the dropout bar to load....any one can tell me the quick way to get things upload?

    Happy Holidays!

    Sam Chui
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    Why so surprised that it has come a long way is so short a time Sam. It is as good as any other site on the web, and in fact, teh other sites are doing their best to force everyone here as well
    They must aslo appreciate the value of Jetphotos. Plus here you can see images that you wont see anywhere else (got any Warbirds)
    Seems Patronage on some sites is not as important as status

    Here it's all about photos


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      Yeah Glenn, I probably got the rocks on my mind being too long with the other sites, I was browsing photos from lot of countries that there were just too few entries on the other site, I am well pleased with the amount of coverage in here...lot of stuff from Indonesia, Columbia, those exotic countries that you can't find much on other site probably they rejected some and discourage users to upload due to the high standard there.

      Anyone know how to use Autofill to help me speed my uploads?

      Why people shoot warbirds?

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        Wow, Sam!! A backlog of 2'000 pics? Makes me getting nervous, as we screeners decided to give X-Mas a try :P

        Seriously: can't wait to see your pics here.

        As for the "Auto Fill": this feature only enters the infos of your last uploaded picture. You can't compare it to the "I feel Lucky" button at I'm sorry.

        If you work with Windows and IE 6, you have at least the IE autofill function (I think, this is the english name...), which comes in handy here.

        The other Spanish screener around here
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          That's great to hear Sam

          Please send us some fake A2A shots from SYD, I love those pictures

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            uh oh... looks like JP has another "clean up" hitter in the lineup.

            You're right Sam, I noticed the same thing about the greater number of under-represented locations I am seeing here.

            I am satisfied to be passing the best I can do through here now...

            I am always pleased to be on pages beside Andy Hunt, Richard Salagi, Glenn Alderton, Clovis etc.. It doesn't get better than that.

            (...and, its not my game, but I know someone who makes some good sales here as well.. you know him too Sam. shhhhh... )

            Tom Turner


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              @Tom: now, that I see your name here, I'd like to congratulate you!! I saw your photo of the Concorde beeing ferried over the Hudson river on a double side picture in the German magazine "Der Spiegel".

              Well done!!

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                Geraldo, thank you so much for the kind words.

                You know, I never did get a copy of "Der Spiegel", although Ben Wang was so nice as to send me a copy of San Jose Mercury News that had one as well.

                Another shot with the Statue of Liberty made it into the UK Magazine Aircraft Illustrated..although it was reduced to postage stamp size.. but I certainly don't mind. It is a hobby for me.



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                  Sam, don't tell me you've been getting rejections have you??? I thought you were running at 99% acceptance or something similar?

                  It will be great to see your images here as well - doesn't require photos to be oversharpened beyond belief to be accepted (unlike that other site!).


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                    Hi Craig

                    No very few rejections except some baddoubles..

                    I have the tendency to oversharpen them to assure they are sharp enough..Good point did you pick that up from my shots or that's what you do too?

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                      Welcome Sam, Looking forward to seeing your work on here.


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                        I saw your photo of the Concorde beeing ferried over the Hudson river on a double side picture in the German magazine "Der Spiegel".

                        Gerardo, do you remember which edition? I just had a look at Monday's edition (22 December) & couldn't find anything.



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                          Of course you didn't see it in "Der Spiegel". Because it was in the magazine "Stern"

                          Sorry, my fault!!

                          It's the edition nr. 1, 23.12.2003, page 38/39

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                              Welcome Sam! Nice to see your going to be uploading your great work here . Cant wait to see some of your shots in the que!

                              P.S next time your ever visiting MAN (Even thought you didnt go too long ago) give me a shout, it would be a pleasure to meet up with you .
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