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    I just got a Kodak DX6490 for Christmas and it's a wonderful camera, well it was up until today. I went out and bought a lens cleaning kit for it. I followed the exact directions and then I noticed something very strange. I got the camera back out a couple hours later and noticed the next piece of glass of the lens is smudged and has the rainbow color tint that you would have with water or liquid being on the lens. I know I dried off the lens when I cleaned it so it must've got inside while I was doing it. I'm gonna take it back tomorrow morning and see what they say and hopefully get a new camera. I'd like to see if maybe I could fix it first. So any ideas?
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography

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    I think there is only one thing to do, and that is take it back to the shop and let them fix it
    Soren Madsen

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