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  • Nikon F60

    Hi all

    I've been given the opportunity to purchase a Nikon F60 for $200 from someone I know but to be honest with you I don't know diddly about cameras . Is this a good camera?

    At the moment it only has a piddly little zoom but i'm sure I could get a good one if I looked around. The camera itself is in very good condition so there's no worries with that.

    Is this a good price for this camera?
    Does it take good qaulity pictures?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    It will take as good a picture as you want it to, if you know how.


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      I had the F60 before I got my D100. I never han any problems with it and I took about 6000 pictures with it (paper prints) Its a good camera and it takes good pictures. If bought in Denmark the price is okey
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        Originally posted by JeffinDEN
        It will take as good a picture as you want it to, if you know how.

        Plus don't cheap out on the lens, buy the best you can afford. I got the F60 too (N60 in the US) its has a very solid construction and takes good pictures. Just keep in mind if you want to upload images here, you will also need to consider the cost of scanner, film & film processing and some kind of photo editing software.

        Read a book about basic photography, it will help you out a bit.
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          If you can go in an extra $100, I'd highly recommend the F80 or N80 (same thing). It has many more features if you want to seriously pursue photography. See
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