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  • Advice please?

    Hi. Im fairly new to this hobby so...... What is the best camera for beginners?

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    Whats your price range?
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      Re: Advice please?

      Originally posted by Gulfstream1291
      Hi. Im fairly new to this hobby so...... What is the best camera for beginners?
      Well do you want to take slides, paper prints or digital pictures?
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        Pictures to upload, digital


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          There are many good cameras for that price. Nikon, Sony Olympus, and other makers all have great cameras. Price depends on megapixels, zoom, features, and other factors. The key to getting a good camera is research. I did over 4 months of research before I ended up with a Sony F717, which by the way is an excellent prosumer, non DSLR camera. Do your research first, then buy. Ask questions here and other places. I'm sure I annoyed some people many times when I asked questions ( :P ) but I ended up with a great camera which I do not regret. Try these sites for reviews once you have found a camera in your price range:

          I assume you live in LA right? Pretty stupid question however. If your buying from a U.S. online store, check their ratings at so you'll know who your dealing with.

          One more thing. Many people suggest buying a used DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) from eBay. I don't recommend it unless its from a really trusted seller i.e. a store. But if you decide to go that direction, plan on spending more money for lenses. For the digital cameras that are not DSLRs you can get lens adapters and put on some telephoto lenses/wide angle. So you won't be left in the dust. I'd say look for about 4-5 megapixels, but that's just me , some good zoom (Olympus C-750 is good for that), and some other good features.

          Hope that helps.

          Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)