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100-400L IS and converters,results?

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  • 100-400L IS and converters,results?

    Hi Guys
    Just wondering if anyone has had a go at using the 100-400L IS with any of the Canon converters.
    If so what were the results like?
    Are there any limitations on the setup?
    IE Does AF still work with the 1.4 or do you need to tape up some of the contacts to make it work?
    How sharp are the results etc.
    ANy help would be great from some of the Canon L experts around here.
    Darren Howie

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    Hi Darren
    I am using the 1/4 Canon converter with my Canon 100-400 L IS f4.5-5.6
    its only working on manual focus but i have been told that it does work
    with the lens above if you put a piece of tape on the contacts
    ( i won't be doing that on my equipment i don't think is worth it )
    but it is up to you , i also use the converter with my Canon 70-200 f2.8
    and its working on full auto focus with no problems , if you want to see
    the quality of the two converters together just go and have a look at
    Colin K Work's pages he has some fantastic shots from Heathrow.
    I hope this is of help to you , and all the best for the new year

    With Regards


    ( MooseHunter )


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      G'day Dimitris
      The tape thing works quite well i have heard andsimply tells the AF to operate when otherwise it wouldn't.
      Just wondeing how sharo the images would be.
      Ill check out some of ckw's and see if he has any.


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        The 100-400mm can be used with the 1.4 convertor, and results are in my opinion acceptable. AF wil be retained on the EOS 3 or EOS 1 series, but not on EOS 30 or D30/60/10D/300D. The tape trick does work in theory, but in practice the AF becomes so slow and unreliable, you're better off in manual focus.

        With the 2X convertor sharpness drops off dramatically - unless you can stop down by 2 or 3 stops I wouldn't consider the results acceptable. Most of my teleconvertor shots are taken with either the 300mm f4 prime lens or the 70-200 f2.8.


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          G'day Colin
          Thanks just the info i was after re the converter.
          Most appreciated.