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What are the correct categories?

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  • What are the correct categories?

    I've had this photos reject and the reason was:
    "Failure/Error to check proper categories"

    ...I don't know what i should have chose Can you please help me?

    What do you think of the photos?

    Joćo Resendes
    "Fly To The Azores Islands"

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    Not sure but these could be the source of the rejection:

    Picture 1: You forgot to checkmark the 'Flight Deck: Depict the interior of the aircraft's cockpit?' category.

    Picture 2: SAME as picture 1.

    Picture 3: You forgot to checkmark the 'Airport: Depict an airport terminal, tower, etc.?' category.

    Hope that helps
    Great pictures by the way


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      IMO, i think all three of those shots would be considered airport shots. I think the cockpit shot category is ment for actual shots of the cockpit, and I don't think just having the edge of the windscreen bordering the photo is enough the beg for the cockpit category. Just my opinion.