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    Hi guys
    I am still living in the old days were you bought film for your camera.

    I would like to know, if there is a scanner you can recommend for scanning photoes to Jetphotoes ?.


    Best regards

    Peter Lund

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    Honest opinion - DO NOT buy a flatbed scanner. For best results, you need a film scanner. Most will scan both negatives and slides, and they'll produce markedly better results than flatbeds. Some flatbeds have film adapters, but they're not the same.

    As to what, pretty much all film scanners cost more than flatbeds. But Minolta make a competitively priced film scanner (Minolta Dimage Dual Scan III) that many people here and at the other site use with sucess. I use a Nikon Coolscan IV and that delivers excellent results and wasn't much more expensive than the Minolta, but the Coolscan IV has now been replaced by a new model. Canon also make a film scanner some people have had sucess with.

    This is quite a nice scan off film made on the Nikon Coolscan IV... If you can see much difference from a digital image, I'll be surprised:
    Hope this helps,



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      anyone use a flatbed 35mm film scanners?? im looking at one but i wanna see their quality first so culd u post here if u have any pics using it. also let me know the scanner make n model thnx.


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        Gosh, somebody help me here. I try to insert that film in my camera, but I don't know, where. It only says "Insert CF-Card here".....

        Seriously, I agree with Andy: do yourself a favour and buy a decent slide scanner. In "my old days" I used a Minolta Dual Scan II, which was already good enough. The Nikon Cool Scan is a class better, but also a bit more expensive.

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