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    Well Thomas, I think an interesting wing view can prove beautiful, like say, a sunrise or sunset, or some great scenery below. But just a wing with some clouds or a boring landscape takes little skill or pre-thought to get right. Baisically a point and click snap shot.



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      Hello guys,

      I, too, have no explanation for the popularity of wing views. My most popular shot in this database is a wing view that I first didn't want to upload as it is a flatbed scan from a photo taken more than 4 years ago. I think I have more interesting shots in the db, but people liked this shot the most:
      As for the cockpit & cabin shots, I can second Thomas' (braniffnut) comments. Show us more people!

      I noticed that Pepe has some cool flight deck photos in the database.




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        What about shots without the wing in picture, does this count as over the wing? or does the absence of any part of an aircraft make it bad motif?

        (Actually its under the wing from a Cessna 152,.... Ben Nevis)


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          Hi! I like wingview photos but i don't get much visitons on mine

          This are some of mine wingview photos they aren't nothing special but i like them..hope you also like them

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            Well i just checked and i've got 21 out of 270 odd that are wing shots. I guess that makes me a "wingshooter"
            I like wingshots that are of some interest, tend to agree that shots of grey clouds, and dull landscapes seem a little pointless but some can turn out not to bad.
            A couple of examples i was reasonably pleased with below:



            was praying for a aircraft holding short, no luck unfortunatley

            Anyway my point being is that some wing shots can make pretty nice photos. I've seen alot while screening that are pretty amazing, some that are well, not so amazing :P I guess its more personal taste on this one.


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              I noticed that today a majority of the most popular pics of the last 24 hours were wing views.


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                I've been "guilty" of uploading these kinds of window view shots too. But i think that in a lot of cases there is one main reason that people send them here: the other site wont take them! and you know who i'm talking about!

                Pepe's flight deck shots would make it for sure. But they have very strict rules about shots with part of the plane in view, cloudscapes, landscapes, etc I like window views......

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                  I dont upload to the "other site" so i wouldn't know