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    Originally posted by Airbus_A320
    3 mp is good, i have a 3.2mp C-740 and it's about as good as a non-DSLR can be. I have also noticed that my 3.2mp images come out better than many pics i have seen come out of a 5mp Sony F-717. Also some camera companies are coming out with 6 and 8mp cameras that aren't DSLR's. While these may seem good, don't expect them to compare to a real DSLR. Like i read a few reviews of the Sony F-818 or whatever it is and ppl said that some things came out with purple fringing, that could ruin your day pretty quick. I recommend a C-740 if yout looking for a good 3.2mp camera or a C-750 which is 4mp but i haven;t really noticed a great differance in the image quality between the two. here are my shots w/ the C-740 -
    I'm using the 717 and the quality is excellent compared to 3 MP of similar cameras. As for the 828, the purple fringing is minimal.

    Yes, you've discovered the "dirty little secret" of forums these days - it's called "measurebation" by many who are sincerely tired of this constant technical tirade into minute details of camera performance.

    When a photographer rather than an "engineer" uses the F828, he or she finds a delightful instrument capable of rendering beautiful images. Does it have some issues? Sure - but nearly every camera does. Does it take dynamite images? You know it and I know it and some of the finest photographers in the field know it. But when a photographer, even a technically advanced and competent scientist like Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape makes a proclamation that he finds the F828 quite suitable for its intended purpose, he is attacked by people who are not even qualified to hold his "monopod" from a photographic perspective.

    I've seen such incredible venom being promulgated about the F828 that I've quit reading the trash. It never ceases to amaze me that the vast majority of these opinionated and egotistical detractors have never produced an image better than aunt Sally's snapshots, but they feel qualified to rip serious, professionals who don't share their opinions and call them every name imaginable other than intelligent.

    It's become almost comical to me. At first I set about trying to reason with many of them and I was likewise attacked even though I take more images professionally, using more digital equipment in a week than the majority of them do in a year. Finally I simply gave up and my reply to them is simply to post striking image made with my F828 and let these self proclaimed "experts" stroke each other's egos without interference from me or any indicators pointing them toward a reality not within their grasp.
    From Steve's Digi Cams Forums.

    As for the D70, 999 bucks isn't cheap. I've found the Digital Rebel body for 799 without lenses. The thing with DSLRs are that you should plan on spending an equal, lesser, or greater amount on the lenses since you bascially need three. Short, medium, and long range. Yeah I know, I'm not a DSLR user but I did some extensive research on all this before I found that getting a prosumer camera would be best for me since I'm starting out as an amateur. Perhaps in a few years I'll upgrade. I'd say the C-740 and the C-750 are excellent cameras and you might take a look at them. I'd probably chose them over the Z1 anytime. I have little to complain about the 717 and find it a great digital camera since I take pictures of things other than airliners.

    Sorry that this kind of went from the original subject of the post.

    Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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      Z1: Lots of zoom. 3 Megapixels is o.k. and would probably make some good pictures but not superior quality in comparison to a 5 MP or 6.3 MP camera. I've heard it has fast autofocus too. CNET rated it good with no Cons.

      So would pictures from a Z1 be worthy of upload or do you suggest somthing else?


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        I use an HP Photosmart 935 (5.3MP) and I have to say I am very pleased with it. Just got a 2x digital telephoto and hoping for good weather this weekend to test that out.


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          A 935! How dou you get such good shots with it?


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            HP 935

            Well thanks for the kind words.
            The 935 has an 8x optical zoom, so its pretty close to 300mm, at least according to the book. The shutter speed and all other stuff, aperture etc, can be manually set if needed. I'm still learning all the ins and outs, but it is not just a point and shoot.

            The price is about $430, which for the 5 megapixel range with an extended zoom is almost unheard of. At least from the research I did. For example, the Sony F717 is about $700 and has a much smaller zoom.

            Needless to say, I love it. Thanks again!


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              Canon EOS D30, with a Canon 28-80, Canon 75-300 USM III and my lates lens.... a Sigma 170-500 APO!

              VERY HAPPY!!!!




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                fujifilm a203 basic 2.1m digital camera... no dont like it but it'll do (not for good plane shots tho)

                minolta dynax 404SI 35mm slr... its basic, but i like it

                i'd love to get dslr someday tho


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                  You can get the Digital Rebel kit (w/ the 18-55mm) for $919. I also picked up the Canon 75-300mm for $120.

                  For that money the results are quite impressive.


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                    Gulfstream. If your interested in any of these cameras here are the links to CNET's reviews of them. I have trusted CNET to many purchases. As like many people I researched many different kinds of cameras on CNET.

                    Dimage Z1

                    HP Photosmart 935

                    Sony F717

                    Sony dropped the price from 799 to 699 and if your lucky you may be able to find a rebate for about 100 bucks online like at I got mine on $220 rebate. I don't need the extra zoom because I do a lot of macro shooting since I'm not at the airport every day like many. The image quality-as i mentioned-is very excellent.

                    If you think that you may want to go with a DSLR, go check it out. Just be aware that you'll need to most likely buy lenses that will amount to about the same or a few hundered bucks less than the camera's price.

                    The good thing about DSLRs? The best image quality and you have a choice of lenses (of course there's more). The bad? Cost of lenses and their somewhat larger compared to most of the prosumer point and shoots.

                    Hope that helps.

                    P.S. gdg9, are you sure its a 935? I looked on CNET and it didn't match up to what you described.

                    Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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                      What kind of camera do you use and do you like it?
                      Olympus C750, yes.


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                        HP 945

                        Well that is embarrassing... its an HP 945[/b]


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                          Well... I love mine
                          Tomás Coelho


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                            Canon 300D
                            Tamron 28-300mm 3.5-6.3 and couple of other shit
                            and before summer: Sigma 50-500


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                              Well I did have a Fuji Finepix 2600Z, but 3 years of aviation photography and travelling the world it came to the last straw by reuining my shots from a recent trip to MCO. So I saw a managers special in a local jesspos for a Finepix 2800Z for £149 and I bought it on the spot! Double the zoom im used to so should have opened alot more opportunities!

                              This cam should last me a few months until I have the cash together to buy a DSLR kit .
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                                I just got a 75-300 for the new D30 last night, started going shutter happy around the house, i'm quite impressed! Can't wait for the sun to come out!