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A Topic For All You 2MP Users!

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  • A Topic For All You 2MP Users!

    Hey Guys,

    Well this post is here for all you 2MP Compact Digital Camera users to show off your work and explain yourselfs to the rest of the photographers here. I feel that the guys who do not own a DSLR dont get enough exposure or get noticed enough for some of their amazing work they do. Although this may sound big headed I feel alot of my work is amazing considering the equipment I use etc.

    So guys what Camera you do for starters, and what Optical Zoom (or mm) does your camera have the capability of? How much did your camera cost and how long have you had it? Are you happy with the quality of 2MP camera's or do you feel that they are pretty useless for uploading aviation photography shots? What is your all time favorite shot you have taken with your 2MP camera? What do you feel is the best quality shot your camera has ever taken?

    I used to use a Fuji Finepix 2600Z for 2 years and alot of my work online here is from that camera, it initialy cost 299, and just 2 days ago I sold it to a friend at work getting into Aviation Photography for 50. It had 3X Optical Zoom, an equivalent of 114mm. I felt the quality of the shots that came out of it varied depending on weather, but over time age was getting to it and it didnt take the quality of shots I would have liked from it.

    The Best Quality Shot Taklen By My Fuji Finepix 2600Z:
    My Favorite Shot From The Fuji Finepix 2600Z:

    A month ago I went out and bought a Fuji Finepix 2800Z from jessops brand new for 149 (Bargain of the century if you ask me!). It has 6X Optical zoom, the equivalent to 228mm. I am amzed with the quality of the shots and am extremely happy with my results so far. I feel this camera is great for beginners in Aviation Photography, and id even say for intermediates, the next step for me after using 2 different types of Digital compact cameras will be a DSLR, but maybe not for a year or two if I can help it. Ive read alot of bad reviews on this camera and id have to say id disagree with 90% of them.

    The Best Quality Shot Taklen By My Fuji Finepix 2800Z:
    My Favorite Shot From The Fuji Finepix 2800Z:

    Hope to hear from the 2MP user crew soon!
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    All my pics on here are with the Fuji 2800Z, look at the link below if you want to see them.


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      All my pictures were made with my Olympus D560Z (3.2mp, 3x op zoom, it's no Digital Rebel... :P )...






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        Post messed up with photos...delete this
        Will F.
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          Impressive pictures! Very nicely done.

          I paid $359 (Canadian) for my camera, which is the equivalent of 144 Great Britain Pounds.

          I've had it for a couple of month.

          This is the photo with the best quality.

          These two are my favourites.
          Will F.
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            I used a 2.1MP Olympus C-2100 for almost 2 years.I was pretty happy with it.Here is an example:


            But I just got a DSLR about 3 weeks ago and the difference in picture quality is amazing.And it's just alot of fun to use.Here is an example from my D60 at 1600pixels:


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              fujifilm A203 for me, 2.0Megapixels, costed about 25000yen (JPN) which is about 125 UK. At the time, this camera would have costed me about 220 if i chose to buy it here in the UK.

              maybe abit soft but im learning...

              and abit of grain (which i now know how to get rid pretty nicely of usin PC)


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                Fuji Finepix S304 3.2MP 6x zoom.

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                  My new favourite:

                  Will F.
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                    My new favourite:


                    still with 2mp stuff. also got into database (made a mistake, it was meant to go into but i forgot to select it).


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                      Nice work Jase

                      As you know, I'm using a Sony Mavica FD200, 3x optical zoom, 3x digi zoom. It was about 250 when it was bought about 2 years ago. Now and again I get one or two pleasing moments with it, but I think 2MP can sometimes be below average standards of avitation photography.

                      My all time favourite shot is prolly this one. I like the pic quite alot but it's also the buzz/thrill that I got off the loud engines screaming at very low altitude over my head -

                      I quite like this one too. The swimming pools, beach and hotels make it a nice scenic pic I think -

                      One of my best quality shots I think could be this one. I don't think the quality's too bad for 2PM -

                      Regards. EGCC.


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                        lol, never got a pic uploaded to always rejected so i never trid after that but here are some of my best with a 2.0 MP 2x zoom


                        another one

                        i kno too much clutter in teh front

                        heres another PROB my best
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