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Fedex Boeing 777 Heavy Landing at Liege Airport

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  • Fedex Boeing 777 Heavy Landing at Liege Airport

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    I have an airplane collection at home. Guess how much I enjoy watching such video!


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      My dream was to become a flight attendant. Still working on my goal. Generally, I like all related to airplanes and communication with people. When I travel I look through the airport's windows and watch how the airplanes land on. Just excited as a king. Once, I had stayed at the airport for five hours. I was exhausted and weary of waiting for my flight to Germany. My parents were waiting for me, for our cousin's birthday but I couldn't arrive on time. The ryanair cancelled flights, because of the technical problems. A bird stuck in their engine. When I will become a flight attended I will have the privilege of being first in the airplane.