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Amazing 787 landing in typhoon @Taipei(TSA)

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  • Amazing 787 landing in typhoon @Taipei(TSA)


    I'm still quite new to aviation videography and this short footage was taken two years ago. I was inside my car but the camera and I both become wet because of rain and wind.

    Nikon D7200 + stormy weather + bad skills

    Looking to buy a real camcorder someday. However I plan to make more spotting video at night, should I worry about its small sensor size(say 1 inch) for possibly higher noise and lower clarity? Should I stay with full-frame(currently a Nikon Z6) when shooting at night?

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    I end up purchasing a Panasonic HC-X2000, very soon I can see how it performs.


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      Hi! Just a follow up to my previous post.
      The camcorder that I purchased performed quite well in focusing in day light condition, but not so well in low light - This video is a good example
      I end up switching back to digital camera after sunset - Like I did when filming this one:

      Anyway using a camcorder does make focusing and zooming much easier but still can't replace digital camera in some cases.
      BTW, the screen capture from video are usually too grainy and too soft, which makes it more difficult to qualify the acceptance criteria even after careful editing.