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    Right, I can take photos and edit them, but when it comes to video I'm somewhat of a the problem is....

    I have a nice video clip I want to upload from my p&s. It's 640x480, .avi, 30fps but the files size weighs in at 137mb, which is over the limits for JV. So what's the best way to get it down to below the 75mb limit, and preferable a bit smaller without killing the quality. I had a quick play with Windows Movie Maker but the results were terrible as on playback there was lots of digital noise/picture breaking up.

    I don't really want to have to spend too much, if any on conversion/editing software, so what can I do?

    Cheers, James

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    Is this all you did in Movie Maker?

    1. Click File > Import Into Collections and import the .avi file

    2. Drag the imported clip from the panel down to the timeline

    3. File > Save Movie File

    4. Save it to your computer. Then pick the location, then choose 'Best Fit To File Size' and use the arrows to make it 75MB or something.

    DivX is a great .avi encoder but I haven't a clue if the site supports the format in uploads


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      Yup, that's what I did, but the max allowable file size was 20mb. I don't know why it fell apart quality wise, might have another try later. I actually tried the Windows Media conversion tool and that looked good until I uploaded it and it got rejected for an incompatible codec, which is a bit weird given that it was a Windows program I used for conversion.
      I put another clip through Movie Maker which came out ok and got that uploaded and accepted, so at least I'm off to a start now.


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        We're trying to get the new WMV codec added... seems a lot of updated Windows systems are using that now!
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          Thanks Chris!