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Music in aviation videography

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  • Music in aviation videography

    We all should know the obvious rule:

    "1. Please only upload videos consisting of content you have taken or own the rights to. This includes copyrighted music or other audio tracks.
    Videos containing copyrighted audio will not be added to the database. We take copyright violations very seriously, and offending users will be dealt with harshly!'

    That is really, really obvious - you cannot use copyrihted music without the right to.
    However, one of my films have been rejected recently with the reason of rejection: "music videos not allowed".
    Well, all music? Even if I own the rights to use it? Or maybe even if I composed the music?

    What is your opinion in that matter?
    I know some of aviation enthusiasts hate music in aviation videos as it "spoils" sound effects. I understand that point of view.
    But on the other hand, there are many examples where the music can really enhance the feelings while watching aviation films...

    I must admit that I own the rights to use that music and even it was the composer wish to use it in that film.
    I must say even more - that music was composed and performed by one aviation enthusiast for another! That is why I am so sad...
    Even more strange is the fact, that another film with that music was approved:
    and the rejected one is simply a next part of it:

    I have explained all this the screeners and site administrators but probably I need your help if you would like to watch similar films on JetVideos...


    I always prefer videos with good music.
    Yes I do but not in one-event aviation videography.
    Never! It always spoils sound fx!

    The poll is expired.

    MarcoPolo (

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    Well everyone likes planes and not everyone likes all music. Ever been on YouTube, clicked a cool looking video only to find it's been ruined with awful death metal?

    I reckon for 'artistic' videos some kind of backing is cool, like yours for instance as you probably wouldn't hear much from the planes anyway. And maybe videos where theres too much wind noise, but it should probably be at the discretion of the screeners.

    And there is no way to check music licensing quickly and easily. ccmixter has some alright stuff though


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      Usually I don't like music in the videos, especially if it's a plain landing\takeoff\whatever videos. Of course if its some kind of video compilation and the music does not annoy you and you can still hear the plane itself, then its ok .


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        You can compare this two films, one without music:

        and the same film (go forward to the second half) with the appropriate (I hope ) music:

        Well, this is not what we call plain landing but which one do you prefer?
        MarcoPolo (


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          Music can work if used in the correct sense but can also completely DESTROY an otherwise good video. If a song that almost everyone likes such as summer of 69 is used it can work well with pictures only. Using music in filmed videos can ruin it even if the music is likeable because it silences most of the engine sounds. I've seen a fair few videos ruined by bad choices in music. One of the ones I can recall the most is a video of a Avro Vulcan display at Duxford. The music was of the depressing romantic type. The display itself was good but the music absolutely killed it.

          Generally I think the only way I think music works is with pictures only and the song has to be a song liked by the masses and liked by all age groups young and old.

          Other then this music kills an otherwise great video.