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Keeping the Black Bars?

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  • Keeping the Black Bars?

    I've tried to upload a 16:9 video to JetVideos and it's always changed to 4:3 making the picture become distorted. I have Windows Media Encoder, and when I encode 16:9 videos I go on compression >edit >click on "allow non square pixel output" >video size >under pixel aspect ratio I choose DV NTSC 16:9 [40:33].

    The second time I went to compression >edit >799 kbps tab >uncheck "same as video input" >typed in 720X396 pixels.

    What else can I do to make the video stay in 16:9 format (with black bars on top and bottom) when it's uploaded to JetVideos?

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    I use to edit pictures in Adobe Premiere, and for this purposes I just edit the video as 4:3, but the videos inside are 16:9. Because of having the overall size of 4:3 it stays unchanged what so ever.


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      I am afraid that WME is too stupid to do that simple work.
      It can crop, resize, change aspect ratio, square or nonsquare and many other clever things but it cannot add just two black bars at the top and bottom of the movie!
      And adding that black bars to the widescreen video is required to prepare a film for uploading to YT or JV.
      I am also using first the NLE editor with properties set to 4 x 3 aspect (you can chose if it should crop left and right edges or letterbox) and then encode that file with WME.

      Hope it helps a little
      MarcoPolo (


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        I'm afraid I don't understand, I don't have Adobe Premier or NLE editor. I have Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Encoder.

        I don't want to resort to cropping, but do you think that will keep my video in 16:9 once uploaded?


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          Originally posted by JetBlastDTW
          (...) I don't want to resort to cropping, but do you think that will keep my video in 16:9 once uploaded?
          No, it will be 4:3 but the picture will be not distorted.
          I do not know Movie Maker as mine still crashes after starting but the prepared output for uploading or encoding with WME should be 4:3 with black bars below and above (16:9 movie inside).
          To do that in WMM you should probably edit one of XML files in the program preferences folder (but it is not easy and possible only if you have Vista version).
          MarcoPolo (


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            So you're saying I capture the movie in 4:3, but encode it with 16:9?


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              I am saying that if you have 16:9 video (without black borders) and you would like to upload it to JetVideos then you should convert it somehow to 4:3 letterboxed one (with black bars) otherwise it will be stretched vertically to fill 4:3 frame. The only free choice is probably AviSynth scripting + VirtualDubMod but I have never used it.
              MarcoPolo (


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                I was told that I would need to add in those black bars myself, which I donít know how to do and it looks like the software I'm using cannot do that. It works on Youtube, when I encode the video to 720X396, but not for Jet Videos. I also cropped the movie, which didnít do anything other than distort the video, so I didnít bother uploading that one.

                I'll just move on to the next video. Thanks for your help, though.


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                  So maybe it is good idea to add that option (16:9 not letterboxed or "show my video widescreen") to the upload engine of JetVideos.
                  It will probably help many videographers...
                  Administrators, are you listening?
                  MarcoPolo (


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                    The problem is taht before uploading the video there is no warning about aspect ratio issue. I have uploaded my first video and it's distorted. Don't even know what to do about it now... Aks to delete this video?