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  • Videos without sound?

    I have a video I recorded with my digital photo camera but the model I have doesn't record sound. Should I uploaded like it is or try to add some music... the deal with that is the copyrights issue if I choose a commercial soundtrack and I can't compose a good sounding soundtrack...

    Any suggestions?

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    I would not advise putting music with any video even if there's no sound. I have a youtube with 1500 + videos most being of aviation or railway background. I have never used music in any of them and still would not. In previous times I've even got comments like "I love you're footage but could you try adding some (insert genre) music to the next one". I've always said i do not put music in any of my videos as a rule of thumb and if music makes or breaks you're viewing excitement please look elsewhere.

    The only way i have music in videos of mine is when at an air show and music is in the background. If there were no commentary/Aircraft engine sounds I would happily edit this out but you can't get rid of one without the other.

    The reason being is that although a lot of people get away with it some recording companies can get annoyed and can close you're account or delete the video if they so choose. In my eyes no thanks as I value my account and videos.

    Do as you think is best but if the video itself is good enough then I'm sure poeple will happily watch anyway.


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      If you really want to add music to a video, I would suggest going to and get music there. A lot of artists have music you can use without copyright to use if you give them credit for the music by mentioning the artist, song etc. Just be sure to check the artists terms and conditions for using their music.


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        And Nice work--thank you for sharing- for me this makes perfect sense though.
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