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Deleting a video in the queue

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  • Deleting a video in the queue

    Hello, i got this video 10001594 in the Jetvideo queue... and there is no option to delete a video.

    Any chance to get it deleted ?

    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards.

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    I ask the same for 10001931 as there seems to be no picture. I did select a picture for the video but it seems after you've entered the details and clicked next step there wasn't any picture either in the screen after you enter the video details or the Queue page.



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      I give permission for the team to delete queue number 10003072 from the queue as i forcast that this file will not play due to high bitrate issues. I apologise for uploading videos that do not work. I have recently got aquired some new equipment designed to film HD footage and I have had troubles knowing how to edit this. With some help from a friend who uses JV and another website I have corrected this issue (fingers crossed).

      Also 10003074 has sideways black bars and may have to be rejected/deleted from Q depending on whethere the system automatically corrects this.

      While I have you're attention is it possible for the team to put a thumnail image on video 1219. There is already one on rejection number 10001934. If you are able to do this but cannot use the image from the rejected video i will happily provide the team with one on request. If this option is to be used i will need an email adress to send the image to.

      Many thanks

      Chris Eaton