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    This is something I've tinkered around with for a while. In my first attempt 3 years ago, I stuck a GoPro on the window of a commercial flight cabin with a suction cup and the resulting video was fantastic. But it was an older model GoPro which didn't capture GPS and also I was just using the regular battery which is definitely not going to work to record a whole flight. On a later flight I used my phone which captured great video but I was mad because I video'ed the entire 28 minute approach/landing and the video file ended up corrupted.

    So I got a newer GoPro and tried it again. This time, I used an external battery which had around 6 hours of charge. The GPS data was captured on all but the 1st leg of the flight which was on an MD-88 (I don't know if that makes a difference). I recorded an entire 3.5 hour flight and had some fun playing with different ways to present the data. I finally settled on a program called Dashware which has different styles of gauges. I love how it came out....including speed, direction, and altitude! The way they're displayed is not too obtrusive and has an aviation cockpit theme.

    I found that the data was jumping all over the place while we were on the ground except for speed which was somewhat stable. The others settled down once we got moving at a good clip. I compared it to flightaware's track log and speed & heading are almost dead on (speed is displayed in mph not knots) but altitude is a bit off which I gather from another forum is normal because its GPS versus an altimeter and they said that 2,000 feet difference at altitude is not uncommon.

    Check out part 1 - the departure from ATL. I am going to upload separately the approach/landing and separately the whole thing with the bonus full length flight footage. This is just one flight. I'll be doing the same with the other flights of this trip.

    Also, for reference the entire 3 hour 42 minute original video took about 65-70gb of space on the memory card, recorded at 1080p 24fps.
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