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Can I uncompress my images?

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  • Can I uncompress my images?

    Not sure if this question has been posted in the past. Can a jpeg image be converted or uncompressed and then edited? If so, would it be better to edit the uncompressed version or just edit the original jpeg? Years ago i remember using a batch conversion utility to convert my bmp's to jpg. From all of the great information and tips here in this forum, it seems that RAW is the very best type of image if your camera supports it. Any suggestions?


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    Once a picture has been compressed in JPG, the informations are gone, there's no way to get the lost informations back.

    The fileformat mostly used for professional photo editing is TIFF. If the RAW convertor shipped with your camera allows a conversion to 16-bit TIFF, I'll suggest this one. File sizes grow astronomically, but it's worth it. I know it since this weekend

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