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  • DPI question,please

    Could someone please give me some advice on DPI.
    If i save a original file from a Canon 10D in Photoshop and change the image to 300 DPI,then post process the image,ie crop,resize,USM, then save,will i then get the best results from my printer as well as using the quality ink settings and decent photo paper.


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    You dont necessarily need 300 dpi. I print 8.5 X 11s with around 180 dpi and they are pretty good. I would suggest cropping with a fixed aspect ratio that matches your final print size. This keeps the photo proportions correct when you go to print. I crop the photo with a fixed aspect ratio then I go into image size and type in the height i want and the width gets filled in automatically. I always try to crop so I do not have to resample the image to get the size print i want. If i could use a whole image right out of my camera without any cropping what so ever I would get 11x7.333 with 279.273 dpi without any resampling of the image at all. The more you crop the less dpi you will have to get that same size 11 x7.333 without resampling. I find you can get pretty good quality down to around 180.... This is using Photoshop....I hope I helped you more than confuse you .....Artie


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      edit it to get what you want but dont resize, use a print preview, and change the dpi to change its size
      Sam Rudge
      A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash