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Double rejection for "Similar photo uploaded"

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  • Double rejection for "Similar photo uploaded"

    Hey all,

    Recently I received a double rejection for "Similar photo uploaded". However I don't agree with it. The pictures have been taken in the same day but the positioning of the aircraft in both photos is different from the ones that are already posted. Could someone explain me the reasons of these "Similar photo uploaded" rejects?

    Rejected Photo #1:
    Uploaded Photo #1:
    Rejected Photo #2:
    Uploaded Photo #2:

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey, I'm not a screener. But similar doesn't mean "exactly the same photo" it means almost the same, and I agree with the rejections because the two photos you attempted to upload show the same side of the aircraft. IF it was from the otherside of the aircraft then it might have been acceptable

    As the guidelines say

    2.6 Similar

    Means that you have a similar photo already in the database. Please upload only your best photos, try to be creative. Similar refers to:
    - a photo taken from the same sequence the same day e. landing, taxiing, ramp parking or take off
    - same registration, similar angle or composition or same background taken on different dates.
    - Close up views and full or partial views of an a/c taken at the same angle, are generally considered similar.

    If a new upload is of a significantly better quality, we may consider accepting it.

    We will only accept a certain number of cockpit or window shots taken in the same aircraft (normally no more than two)

    I think you will find the rejected are similar to the ones already uploaded to the database from the description above.

    Photos taken on the same day but with different side of the aircraft are acceptable, here is an example with this aircraft

    Hope that helps, and I hope I am right if a screener can confirm?

    P.S. Nice photos, you have a pretty unique location so keep them coming!


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      Indeed, it might be a good idea to read the upload guidelines first. Clearly stated in the above section of the guidelines that these will clearly be considered similar, so..


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        In the old days of Jetphotos, similar followed the "45 rule" i.e. every pic ,no matter the date, with the plane appearing in an angle up to 45 with the one in the DB was rejected for similar. This rule was changed a couple of years ago, so more pics, sometimes better than the one in the DB of the same plane could be added in the DB without fear of rejection. But they had to follow some rules, well depicted in the updated guidelines stated above.
        Your rejected pics fall in the 1st exemption
        a photo taken from the same sequence the same day e. landing, taxiing, ramp parking or take off

        Hope that cleared things out.

        Sotos (screener)


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          Thanks for your responses. Now that I've read it, I understood.

          Sorry for disturbing, I though that any pic that doesn't have the same composition could be accepted.