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Help with "similar photo" rejection

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  • Help with "similar photo" rejection

    Ahoy there guys,

    I lost an appeal for a rather unusual "similar photo" rejection recently, of a rather rare subject, one of the last 2 Air New Zealand 747s which went on flying through 2014 from AKL-SFO only AND the flight was a redeye and almost never left SFO in daylight.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ZK-SUH.jpg
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    I was told that the photo above, taken on 20MAR14 in the early afternoon light is too similar to this photo of the same aircraft, taken many months earlier on 13DEC13 at golden hour in the late evening of another very rare ANZ SFO daylight departure:

    Yes, these were both taken from the same location, a control tower from which this site and every other gets very few uploads and people love to see photos from, and it's of a rare subject at the end of it's life. Why is this too similar? They only had 2 planes the last many months of service in the 747 fleet, does that mean we should be so picky about documenting this kiwi queen?

    Seems...bizarre, and seeing as my user ID is 170 on this site and I've only even appealed photos a few times, I think it has to seem like a pretty silly rejection for me to come back to these forums after years of inactivity and post this to see what the community thinks LOL. Sheesh, do you guys like 747s or not?


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    As a non-screener, I would say they are wonderful shots.. but... they are certainly within the rule of 45 degree angle showing the same side, etc. and that is why the second one was probably rejected. But, as I say.. this is a non-screeners point of view...


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      Please check upload guideline, there's no more 45 deg rules for a few years now. Those 2 pics are taken on the same sequence (even on a different day, here not so far appart) ) on a pretty similar angle, that's why they got rejected.

      Hope it helps


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        Meh, I mean, if you guys say so. But I would never be scrolling through photos as a user and think "Why did they accept that picture?" in a situation like this. Not too many NZ 747 rotation shots being uploaded these days I'd bet LOL. That's why I don't like all these black and white rules, used to just be the screener either thought it was a decent photo or they didn't.