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Batbx - Photo rejected, need help for first upload

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  • Batbx - Photo rejected, need help for first upload

    Hi guys,

    First of all, thank you to the whole screening crew, as you have quite a lot of work and I posted rejected photos (that means I've wasted your time).

    This was my first upload. I uploaded the same picture, with different edits two times and two rejection.

    The first time it was rejected as :
    • Over Processed / Bad postprocessing
    • Dark / Underexposed
    I then re-edited it (the exact one that you can find attached).

    The second rejection reason was :
    • Over Processed / Bad postprocessing
    • Dirty Scan / CMOS Dust spots
    I can't find any sensor dust spot on Lightroom's dust removal tool and on the JetPhotos' sensor dust review. Plus it was not one of the reason of the first rejection.

    But the most important thing is the "Over Processed / Bad postprocessing".

    I tried to do some better editing using the histogram, but apparently, was incorrect or insufficient.

    Could you please explain to me your thoughts on this photo to get a chance of acceptance ?

    Thanks a lot,
    Kind regards from France.
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    not a screener. but first thing, unless my eyes are wrong, you can see halos around the main wheels, that's an instant rejection. If you are using a clarity, dehaze feature for the final edit of the photo, dont. It isnt worth it and doesnt generally give you any benefit.
    Secondly, a tip for finding dust spots, first of all, check the equalizer after uploading to get photos, the tools there are to help us all and what the screeners use.

    But to find them in Lightroom, yes, the dust removal tool there is pretty much pointless.

    What you should do is the following:

    slide the texture, clarity and dehaze bars to almost the maximum, and you should find the dust spots easily, toggle the three bars to help make the viewing easier, and also sometimes removing the blue colour from the image to make it the sky B/W will aid in spotting the darker spots. But you should take your time to allow you eyes to adjust to the photo to help find the spots. What I do is upload the image to Jetphotos, look at the equaliser tool and try and find the spots, then go to the photo in Lightroom, adjust the three bars, and then they should become visible. Also, make sure you use clone, rather than heal, which will help with spots 99% of the time.

    Hopefully, the photo below demonstrates the picture with dust spots visible below the wingtip and the wheels.

    This is essentially my process and some readers may critique it, but it works for me

    The full image size should be here:


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      I'm not a screener, but:

      As for the spots. That's the view from the JP "check for dust" feature. I had to download your shot and upload it for a minute just to check it, it's already deleted from the queue, so no worries

      Bad post processing is likely because of dark halos.

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        Thank you to both of you for your quick answer !

        I double checked the sensor dust on a better calibrated screen and you were right spot on pawelm .

        But for the over processed reason, I can't clearly see any dark halo, but that could be because my eye is not experienced for this.

        When the upload is available for me again (3 rejections), I'll try to upload less edited pictures.

        Cheers !


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          "Halo" is the dark area around the aircraft, or underneath the aircraft in your case, it looks like some sort of a shadow. It's visible on the image that I've posted above. It's avoidable if the image is exposed more or less correctly, you just need to be carefull with the exposure related sliders while postprocessing