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  • Rejection advice - Processing help

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    This was rejected for overprocessing or bad processing, I cannot see halo's or fringing of aircraft parts with the exception possibly around flag on tail. The original was from an older DSLR without self cleaning and dust spots were an issue, is my dust spot removal work flow poor? I am using Corel Paintshop Pro, which is a newer software for me to get to grips with.

    Could the crew or forum members make some suggestions on the issue I am missing and is it a correctable issue. If no issues spotted by crew should I appeal the rejection?? I do not wish appeal and take up valuable screener time with out good reason.

    Many thanks.
    May the Sun be with you. Resist the darkside.

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    Hi, this is the image equalised in Photoshop, not the JP dust function which is a lot more powerful. You'll notice quite clearly the halo around the wings and other parts of the aircraft. The one around the wing is visible to me even without any equalisation. I'm not seeing any significant dust issues. I would check to see if your original image has any halo. It was most likely introduced at some point in the editing process (maybe shadow/highlight use).

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      That is so helpful! I thought it was actually on the aircraft. I will keep my eyes open for this issue and edit more appropiately. Unfortunately this was shot as a JPEG and not RAW so I don't know how much I can edit without it happening again! Time to dive head first into editing software!!

      Thank you for the quick response.
      May the Sun be with you. Resist the darkside.


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        Yeah, keep a good eye out for halos. As a general rule, don't use highlights or shadows for uploading to JP