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  • Incorrectly Screened

    Hello, I got this photo rejected.

    I didn't mark this photo as hot and it got screened immediately I believe it must have been a bug, I uploaded it to check center and for dust. I uploaded it as something random as I was supposed to delete it after my own checks, and then re-upload it.

    Aviation photos - 4 million+ on JetPhotos

    Can someone please help me with this rejection.


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    First photos of a registration will always be screened faster, no wonder it got screened instantly..


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      Like Julian pointed out, you entered a registration which by chance was not yet in the system. Therefore, the picture was automatically tagged as hot and it got screened immediately.
      Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the rejection is gone.


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        My trick for avoiding screening long enough to judge the quality myself is to upload the photo as a different registration that's already in the database. I look at the photo and decide if I want it to be screened or not. When I think it's good enough, I delete the photo from the queue and reupload it with the correct information.


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          i uploaded one last night thought i was leaven message in conment section i conmented in hott section 1st time done that i havet to slow down and dont fell bad i lost one too by mistake