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  • mjb - Rejection / Editing advice

    Hi all,

    I'm green when it comes to uploading to JP. For the following, I just got a link to the upload guidelines thread, but I'm lost.. no idea what's wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

    edit: hah. clicking the id in the rejection list gives me the list of things:
    Over Processed / Bad postprocessing
    Dark / Underexposed
    Too much or too little contrast
    Horizon unlevel
    JPG compression artefacts
    Categories wrong or missing

    Too much hassle for me, for any of you kiwis around Rangiora look out for this one.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20211028_133129.jpg Views:	0 Size:	757.4 KB ID:	1126205

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    Hello and Welcome to JP.

    In the linked Upload Guidelines you can find a overview of all important informations about uploading to our site.
    Thank you for having a look in them at least, thats a good start to get Images that match our Guidelines - if ever you have questions to the Guidelines feel free to ask.
    Our Crew and of course our Uploaders will help you!

    For your questions above:

    Over Processing: There are editing halos around the edges, for example at the Hangar. If you have a look in the equalizing tool at the Rejection, you should see them much clearer. Overusage of "lights" and "shadows" will cause this in Lightroom - so better leave them at 0 (or just in a small amount)

    Dark: In your rejection it comes together with Backlit and Contrast, as you can not get the visible side of the aircraft brighter than the rest of the photo.

    Backlit: Always, shoot with the sun in your back, so the visible part of the Aircraft is luminated. (exceptions could be silhouettes in front of the sun).

    Contrast: In your rejection "too little" - as already said - in combination with backlit, contrast can not be good if shooting in the direction of the sun (exception are silhouettes again). Also you could receive contrast rejections if the Histogram has gaps on the left or right, or are cutted. (if you have questions to the Histogram, feel free to ask)

    Horizon: You Image is leaning to the left. Use vertical references in the middle of the Image if possible, to get a nice levelled picture.

    JPG Compression: Picture is compressed, details are "lost" and the overall Imagequality isn't okay.

    Categories: Small Prop was missing for that airframe.

    As said, if you have questions - feel free to ask.

    Last edited by Julian S.; 2021-10-28, 08:29.
    Best Regards from Germany,
    Julian S.​


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      Originally posted by Julian S. View Post
      Hello and Welcome to JP.
      As said, if you have questions - feel free to ask.
      Julian, hey, thank you very much for the time you took to reply. I'm definitely in well over my head uploading to JP, I'm not a professional photographer - very much a limited novice, but familiar with concepts. I fall squarely into the category of just wanting to provide pictures for aircraft missing from FR24.

      The most major hurdle I'll face is not having a Adobe CC subscription - so no fancy photo editing software here. The above was straight from my mobile phone (taken very very quickly as I piled back into my aircraft to take the ferry pilot home), and a simple pass through Paint.NET (yeah yeah, I should at least use something more capable like the gimp) to scale it down to the maximum resolution for upload. I suspect that's where the compression artifacts have come from. Understood on all of the other comments, I'll have a go again in future when I'll have more time to spend trying to get things composed correctly. This one is definitely beyond saving