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    Originally posted by A7-BAJ View Post
    Hey, All,
    Recently got this image rejected after appeal. Not attempting to contest this further, but can one of you help me to understand the reasoning behind this reject? for the lighting that day, I believe the exposure is acceptable, and I had several other photos from around the same time with similar edit settings accepted with no issue. Visually, the image looks acceptable, and had I increased exposure any more, it tended to look blown out and overexposed. Additionally, the histogram shows the Image as adequately exposed. While I do feel like if this was rejected for Undersharpened/Soft, I would understand the rejection, as I could see the logic behind that. And I know the screeners are very experienced, much more so than I am. Could I have a bit of assistance understanding why this was rejected on Dark, and if its worth a reupload?

    Thank you so much, and have a great day.

    Reject link >>
    Hi, as stated here we ask that you come to the forum with questions before appealing:

    Since you have already appealed the rejection, crew will no longer comment on it, but perhaps others might.

    In the future, please post here before appealing if you would like comments from crew


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      I will take a stab at this as I am not a screener, but have dealt with images that I thought were bright enough only to be rejected as dark. I think the perception in your image is that the white is a little more gray in shade than white. I have often found that the "shade" of white determines a lot about rejections. I took your image into Photoshop and added a little brightness adjustment and I think that the shade comes out more as white than a light gray shade. Just my 0.02c - I might be on the wrong path, but that is my opinion.

      Click image for larger version

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