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    Hi There,

    the attached photo got rejected because of bad postprocessing. The screener wrote: There is a halo visible around the aircraft. That seemed strange for me, because i never had problems with haloing and nothing in my workflow would cause that problem. But as i took a closer look i could see the halo only at the top of the aircraft, seems odd. And when i looked at the cockpit i saw the problem: There is a long, small cloud behind the aircraft, sticking out at the top. You can see it extending beyond the aircraft at the cockpit. Now i feel like i have been incorrectly rejected, but the support just says it has been rejected, get better at editing. Can you help me with this unlucky case? What should i do about the cloud?

    Thank You

    Click image for larger version

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    See my last email, issue is not over the cockpit - Please use the equalize too in your rejection to see everything more clearly - The dark halo in front of the tail follows the curves of the plane and isn't a cloud. Also the light halo over the hill and trees is a hint for an overuse of some tools on editing



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      The halos are visible even around the main and front landing gear, where definitely is no cloud present.
      There also are some slight signs of dust spots, which may not be an issue.
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        As Click image for larger version

Name:	Inkedimage - 2022-07-29T131459.235.jpg
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ID:	1141806As Juklicek says, there is haloing by the main gear, and potential dust spots. Try to avoid fiddling with the contrast too much in photoshop or the likes.