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    Rejected for Contrast and Soft, i have read the article about contrast, but i dont get it why its a problem. Hopefully someone can help me point out what i do wrong. I slide the black slider until some pixels are getting truely black and turn it up so that nothing is completely black but very close, the same with whites. then i add a littlen contrast, turn down the highlights a bit and bring up the darkness slighly, mostly as suggested by lightroom. So how should i be doing it? As for sharpness, i shot it at iso 100, reduced the noise a bit, masked it and sharpened a whole lot, like really much. But its too soft... So how should i be doing it? Thanks for your help!
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    Not a screener, but looks like the photo was taken with overcast weather, no direct sunlight on the aircraft. This is the most common cause I have found of contrast issues. In lightroom, using the histogram is a good way of judging the contrast. Aim for small spikes on either extreme end of the histogram, with most of the colours still in the middle. I would also avoid using tools like Whites, Blacks, and Highlights as this can cause the photo to be overprocessed with halos around the outside. Usually sticking to just Exposure, Contrast, and Sharpness should be good for JP.

    Also, you shouldn't make multiple topics in the Digital Photo Processing forum, so continue to use your old one. Mods will probably remove this topic.


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      Hello, as you have already been asked previously, please read here CAREFULLY:

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