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Paint Shop Pro ???

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  • Paint Shop Pro ???

    does Paint Shop Pro have the same basic paint/draw functions that MS Paint has?
    MS Paint has been great over the years, but doesn't draw/paint smoothe lines or do anything special in terms of effects.
    i enjoy drawing/creating airline livery, and choppy lines don't help.

    I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related

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    Paint Shop Pro is really superior than MS Paint, is one of the best programs and easy to use, only behind Photoshop.

    With Paint Shop Pro can draw anything, of course has all the tools for drawing and many more.

    You can make shadows and any effect.

    Is an excellent choice only behind Photoshop.

    Try this link
    Unlock new creative options fast with PaintShop Pro 2022. AI-powered Portrait Mode, Background Replacement and Style Transfer simplify complex tasks. Plus, new editing tools and workspace enhancements streamline the photo editing process for photographers of any skill level.


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      thank you.
      that's what i needed to know.

      I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related