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A little Photoshop question...

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  • A little Photoshop question...

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you could help me to level the horizon by using Photoshop 7.0 on a picture I took. Thank you for any help provided!

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    Well it's actually pretty easy. I put some images to help you out a little.

    1. First use the MOVE tool to get a guide from the Ruler on top..just click and hold on it and then move the guide over the picture. You can use the Guides to check that the picture is really we can see here:

    The guide shows you the deviation of the horizon

    2. Then it's time for the CROP tool to come and help. Initailly it's rectangular, but if you move the cursor outside the crop box just a little it will turn into a "bend arrow" which means you can ROTATE the go ahead and do it until the bottom of the CROP box lines up with a horizontal line.

    3. Once you have that botton of the Crop Box aligned then use the square handles on the Crop Box and make it bigger to get most of the image...make SURE you DON'T GO OVER THE LIMITS of the picture...always meake sure the CROP BOX stays INSIDE the pic.

    4. Once you have made the CROP Box as big as you can, always staying inside the borders of the photo, then just execute the CROP command by pressing ENTER. This will automatically rotate the picture to make the bottom of the CROP Box horizontal...making you picture horizontal too...just like this:

    5. NOW it's your turn...go ahead, it's not that hard ....and hurry cuz that pic looks really nice.
    If you have any doubts just ask!

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      There is another way.....

      Use the 'measure' tool by right clicking on the eye dropper icon (above the magnifying glass), use it to draw a line from the top to the bottom of a vertical reference point (a wall or a light pole for example) then go to image-rotate canvas-arbitrary and it will straighten up the image for you.

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        The picture has been uploaded!!!

        Thank you for all your help guys!!! I really appreciate it!

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          Thanks from me as well. I have been having trouble with my leveling and this technique will really help. Right now I have Photoshop Elements 2.0 and do not know if this would work, but I am however getting Photoshop 7 this week!

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