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    I have just brought a Sony cybershot DSCP72. The camera is worth milk money compared to some digital cameras at the higher end of the spectrum, and its accessories. So my point is I have this camera with no clip on lens, or tripod etc etc. My first 2 photos were rejected, If my photography skills pick up is there a chance in hell my photos will get accepted, or is the camera just not up there?

    Also are inflight and in aircraft shots more likely to be accepted than just plain old pictures of aircraft?

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    Can you post a link to the rejected pictures? It would help a lot

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      Sorry about the size thats exactly how i submitted them. Firstly as i mentioned everything for me is new. I just got Acrobat photoshop elements, my camera's new and so on and so on. I thought though i had a shot of being accepted with these 2 photo's. The screener used a lot of technical this and that (which i'm still learning) to describe their faults. With the boeing image he said the subject was not in the centre, i cant disagree with that, but i wanted to get that sign into add a bit of spice to the photo. Also with both my pictures the screener was critical about the catagory things i selected, i just ticked "airport" or something, because all the others were "inflight" and stuff that wasn't what my pictures were.


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        First of all, the pics were not rejected because of your camera. Even if you would have taken these pics with a D10, they wouldn't have been accepted. Once again: it's the eye behind the camera, not the camera!

        The first pic has been taken from the "wrong" side. Try to have the sun on your back at the beginning. The grain can be because of wrong post procession (most likely too much JPG compressions).

        On the second pic, the aircraft is way too far away and again taken from the wrong side.

        Hope this helps

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          thanks for the practical advice. One more thing i dont have a tripod, i dont think these photos have any vibration issues though. Your thoughts?


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            I don't think vibration would be an issue while shooting in daylight...unless using a slow shutter speed intentionally for some effect you are trying to achieve.
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              Originally posted by steve181
              Also with both my pictures the screener was critical about the catagory things i selected, i just ticked "airport" or something, because all the others were "inflight" and stuff that wasn't what my pictures were.
              If your photo doesn't qualify for one of those types, just leave them all unchecked.
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                I'm the screener who rejected your photos, and I will do what I can to help.

                Don't check the "airport" box
                First photos with the camera doesn't make it a "Hot Photo"

                JPEG COMPRESSION is the "blotchy feeling" of the photo.
                BACKLIT try to shoot with the sun at your back

                Any other questions?


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                  with jpeg compression, is that caused at the time of shooting? or does it occur when preparing the image to upload? How do i avoid it?

                  Also if i get the sun behind the subject, a level horizon and the basics like that could i get away with shooting in automatic mode? Its just that i'm still learning all about aperture, exposure, ISO settings, shutter etc.

                  One more thing my manuel doesn't really cover controlling shutter speed manuelly, I have a feeling i can control it though, any advice?

                  cheers for your help


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                    JPEG compression is actually a setting on the camera. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but that setting is a image quality setting. Generally there are three settings Small, Medium, and Large but with more advanced cameras, there might be up to 7 setting, Small compressed and uncompressed, Medium Compressed and uncompressed, large com and uncom, and somtimes Raw. I set my camera to Large Uncompressed and that gives me good quality without eating too much space so I would try that. You can also try raw if you have it, but it takes alot of memory and you will probaly need special software.

                    See if that helps

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                      yeah the other topic i started in the digital photo processing forum, has some really good replys regarding jpeg compression. From what i gather jpeg compression is controlled by the slider in photoshop!