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One-off shot poor lighting

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  • One-off shot poor lighting

    Recently a few SQ heavies were diverted to my home town airport (NZCH) from Auckland. These two shots are a rare opportunity here, because of the early rotation for this flight and the fact two SQ777s are in the one shot. Any ideas?

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    Can someone tell me why the gets so much use?

    1) The sun is right on top of the aircraft, and the side is dark.
    2) The side of the plane is dark, hence the backlit rejection.
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      Other than the fact that the two pictures look a tad overexposed, those are some really cool shots, especially the second one.


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        I like the 2nd one a lot!
        Will F.
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          Except for the backlit,
          second shot is good
          And by now you should know you cant use the viewing deck for photography after about 10am unless its a nor weaster, or very cloudy.
          Sam Rudge
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            Yea it's a bit of a bugger I suppose, never mind, i'll just keep them for my personal collection.

            Actually you can use the viewing deck after 10am, you just need to get your angles right.


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              Quite liked the composition of the 777 landing in the background with sister in the front.
              I'd appeal that one but the other is a little soft and the backlighting sinks it i am afraid for the site.
              All the best
              Darren Howie


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                Nice idea but just horrible backlighting on #2...



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                  I love the second shot!!!!

                  Pete Ganabathi
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